We have the power to change where our energy comes from.

For generations, humans have been burning and dumping waste, at a great cost to the planet and themselves.

But what if all that so-called waste could generate renewable energy instead? What if we stopped thinking of it as waste at all?

This is the Kore Solution.

What if we could stop extracting resources from the earth, consuming them, and discarding what’s left over?

What if we can help companies turn waste into a resource, keep future CO2 emissions in the ground for good, and restore Earth’s natural cycles of use and regeneration?

A proven, carbon negative, thermo-chemical process

for turning all kinds of organic waste

into UltraGreen hydrogenTM, renewable natural gas, a substitute for coal,

and a valuable soil enhancement for farmers.

This means fewer landfills and incinerators, less dependency on coal, reduced greenhouse gas emissions,

and a healthier environment for all of us.


Strategic solutions for a carbon negative, zero waste future.


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