Good for the Planet…and the Bottom Line

Kore’s technology reduces costs by eliminating waste disposal fees, and produces revenue by generating carbon credits and valuable renewable energy products for a vast array of businesses and industries.

Decarbonizing transportation
Decarbonizing oil production
Sequestering carbon
Decarbonizing the cloud
Decarbonizing cement and steel production
Upcycling agricultural residuals

Waste Management

Kore is a proven path to reducing or eliminating the need for landfills, and to meeting increasingly stringent waste diversion regulations.

Renewable Energy

Kore can provide energy-rich biogas, renewable natural gas, and UltraGreen hydrogen™ for transportation OEMs, municipalities, fulfillment operations, and other businesses.


Kore can help energy companies reduce the carbon intensity of today’s fossil fuels while transitioning them to meet the growing demand for renewable energy, and weaning them off coal and natural gas.


The Kore Solution can convert a huge variety of wastes, including:

Agricultural residues (nut shells, fruit pits, and more)

Green waste (grass and tree clippings, chipped trees, and more)

Construction and demolition wood

Municipal refuse-derived fuel (RDF)

Municipal materials-recovery facilities (MRF) waste

Pallets, packaging, and other fulfillment center refuse

Deadwood from wildfire-prone areas

Animal manure

Biosolids from municipal wastewater

Food waste




Kore’s energy products are created using a closed loop process that generates zero waste. The Kore Solution is not only 100% sustainable but also carbon negative.

Renewable Biogas

Can be used as a substitute for natural gas

Sustainable replacement for operations that require steam, heat, and power generated by non-renewable natural gas

System output: up to 10 MMBTU/hour

Renewable Natural Gas

Can be injected into existing natural gas pipelines and directly replace conventional natural gas

Sustainable natural gas replacement for vehicles, heating, and other applications

System output: up to 8 MMBTU/hour

UltraGreen Hydrogen™

Can be used as a carbon negative, 100% renewable alternative to hydrogen produced non-sustainably from natural gas

A 99.999% pure fuel for FCEVs, including buses, trucks, trains, and cars

System output: up to 1,000 kg/day

Solid Carbon Char

Can be used as an energy source to help companies transition from coal, keeping future CO2 emissions permanently locked in the ground

Can be used as a soil amendment to improve nutrient retention and reduce irrigation needs by up to 60 million gallons per year, based on the capacity of a single Kore system

System output: approximately 6 tons/day

The Kore Solution Delivers…

Reduced waste disposal costs

A reliable source for low-cost, accessible renewable energy

Valuable, energy-rich, solid carbon char offtake agreements

The opportunity to access LCFS, RINs, and other environmental credits

Reduced cap-and-trade exposure costs

Long-term environmental benefits to help companies meet their sustainability and ESG goals

Example Uses

Kore’s material handling modules can be configured to accept different kinds of waste from many industries, requiring only minimal recalibration of the pyrolysis and gas output equipment.

Diverting Agricultural Residues from Landfills and Incinerators

Extracting energy value from nut shells, fruit pits, and other agricultural waste provides farmers with a sustainable, economically attractive alternative to conventional disposal options.

Decarbonizing Oil and Gas Production

Kore can help producers transition from conventional natural gas to renewable biogas to generate the steam needed for operations like heavy oil extraction.

Decarbonizing Steel and Cement Production

These notoriously carbon intensive industries can phase in Kore’s energy-rich solid carbon char as a sustainable, CO2 negative substitute for coal.

Upcycling Green Waste

Dead leaves, grass, twigs, branches, and chipped trees are all viable feedstocks for Kore’s conversion process.

Taking Hospitals and University Campuses Carbon Neutral

Kore’s energy-rich biogas and renewable natural gas can help large campuses and facilities sustainably meet their immense heating and electricity needs.

Sustainably Meeting the Energy Needs of Server Farms and Bitcoin Mines

Kore can provide massive computing operations with an alternative source of uninterrupted low-cost power, easing the demand on local grids.

Supplying Clean Hydrogen to Zero Emissions Fleet Operators

Because Kore’s modular technology can be installed almost anywhere, operators in the transportation sector seeking a source for low-cost UltraGreen vehicle-grade hydrogen can benefit from reduced gas transport costs and increased accessibility.

Increasing Farm Yields Using Less Water and Fertilizer

The solid carbon char produced by the Kore process can be used as a soil amendment that can improve crop yields and reduce irrigation needs by up to 60 million gallons over the course of a year, based on a Kore pyrolysis system running at full capacity.

Converting Wildfire-Prone Deadwood into Energy

The energy value in natural deadwood, and Kore’s ability to install its modular conversion technology beyond big city hubs, makes clearing fuel from fire-prone areas financially viable for land managers.

Turning Municipal Waste into Biogas

Renewable energy products created from biosolids can help towns and cities offset the costs of processing municipal wastewater.

Decarbonizing Fulfillment Centers

Online retailers can use Kore’s low-cost UltraGreen hydrogenTM to power quick-charging FCEV forklifts for their warehouse operations, and to power zero emissions delivery truck fleets.

A Flexible Business Model

An End-to-End Turnkey Solution

Kore installs its modular pyrolysis system on-site and provides ongoing operational support and maintenance, as well as feedstock supply and product offtake agreements.


Kore can serve as a supplier of renewable biogas, renewable natural gas, and vehicle-grade UltraGreen hydrogen™, providing long-term agreements and competitive pricing.


Kore can process organic waste, reducing or eliminating tipping fees and providing an alternative to conventional disposal that’s both economically and environmentally sustainable.

Capacity Calculator

Note: Output quantities are estimates. Feedstocks with more than 20% moisture content must undergo drying before being processed.



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